My Favorite Deals at the Grocery Stores (Prices Good 12/7-12/13)!

Click here to get to and print off great money saving coupons. There are lots of great coupons on products you’ll use during the holiday season! Examples: $1.50 off 3 packages of refrigerated cookie dough, $1 off 2 Welch’s sparkling bottles of juice,$1 off Sparkle paper towels, $2 off three bags of Nestle Jingles, $1 off two boxes of Wonka candy canes, $1.50 off Clorox 2,  $1 off Brawny Paper Towels,  and many, many other great offers.  The savings add up so fast and it’s totally free to print off the coupons!

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For detailed coupon match ups, check out another great Arizona blog Bargain Believer (, click here for the facebook page) that could save you a lot of money at the grocery store. You’ll be able to make and print off your list right on the site.

Remember that Walmart ad-matches most specials (you have to tell them what item is less expensive at another store and show them the ad)

My favorite deals this week…


Seniors 55 and better get 10% off today (Wednesday, December 7th)!

Rib Roast: $3.97/lb.

Sanderson Farms chicken breast or tenders: Buy 1 get 2 free!

Dole bananas: $.39/lb.

Buy 1 Breyers’ ice cream Get 1 free AND get a free pie!

Hormel spiral sliced ham: $1.47/lb.

Fresh Atlantic salmon fillet: $4.88/lb.

Smithfield bacon: BOGO Free

Albertsons cereal: $1 for select varieties

Beef boneless roasts: BOGO Free

93% lean ground beef: $2.99/lb.

Buy 4 Pillsbury products for 2 for $5, get a free gallon of milk(remember to print off those awesome coupons)!


All manufacturer’s coupons are worth at least $1 this week!

Seniors 55 and better get 10% off today (Wednesday, December 7th)

Bashas’ milk: $.88/half gallon

California red seedless or red globe grapes: $.97/lb.

Cutie Clementines: $2.77/3 lb. bag

Tillamook cheese: $1.88 select varieties

Boneless New York steak: $7.99/lb.

Boneless top sirloin steak or London Broil: $2.99/lb..

Hass avocados: 2 for $1

Red bell peppers: 2 for $1

Gold Medal flour: $1.99/5 lb. bag

Keebler pie crust or shells, Fleischmann’s yeast, or Carnation Evaporated milk: 2 for $3

fresh & easy:

Don’t forget to bring along a $5 off $25 coupon this week!

fresh & easy spiral sliced ham: $1.47/lb.

fresh & easy white granulated pure cane sugar: $2.99/5 lb. bag

fresh & easy vegetable oil or gold medal flour: $2.49

fresh & easy spices: 25% off

fresh & easy milk: 2 for $4

Zatarain’s rice mix: BOGO Free (dirty rice is a big hit in our house)

Spiced rum bundt cake: $4.99


Seniors 55 and better save 10% today (Wednesday, December 7th)!

All manufacturers’ coupons are worth at least $1

New York strip steak or roast: $4.97/lb.

Cook’s spiral sliced ham: $1.37/lb.

Fry’s milk: $1.57/gallon

Pork extravaganza: 50% off

Hot house or red tomatoes on the vine: $.99/lb.

Dole salad blends or kits: 2 for $4

Captain Morgan, Smirnoff, Bacardi, Skyy, or Jack Daniels: 30% off

Jumbo holiday poinsettias: $14.99

Kroger flour: $1.89/5 lb. bag

Nestle Toll House morsels: 2 for $5


All manufacturers’ coupons are worth at least $1!

Save 15% off slect multipack gift cards

Fresh 93% lean ground beef: $2.99/lb. (great for taco night!)

Tomatoes on the vine: $1.28/lb.

Red delicious, gala, or granny smith apples: $.75/lb.


Today (Wednesday, December 7th) is double ad day! Enjoy the savings from last week and this week!

Whole pineapple: $.99/each (love this!)

Sprouts Omega-3 eggs: 2 dozen for $5

Green bell peppers or large cucumbers: 3 for $1

Cilantro, radishes, or green onions: $.49

Eggplant: $.77/each

Cluster tomatoes or green beans: $.99/lb.

Organic golden delicious or red apples, celery, or pears: $.99/lb.

The Incredible bulk sale is going on this week! 25% off!

Center cut pork loin roast: $1.99/lb.

Organic pumpkin pie filling: 2 cans for $4

Save big on those holiday treats!

Alicia :-)

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