Free Power Ion Bracelet ($34.95 Value) With Free Shipping for New Save More Customers With $10 Credit!!!

If you’re new to Alicia’s Deals in AZ, or just missed this deal several weeks ago, it’s back! New Save More customers, click here to get a $10 credit. Then you’ll be able to get a Power Band ($34.95 value) for free (with free shipping, and you’ll still have $1 left in credit).

If you’re an existing Save More customer, click here to pay $9 for the deal (or use whatever credits you have left).

Here’s the description:

“You drink an energy drink to stay alert. You pop an ibuprofen for your aches and pains. You’re prescribed a pill to stay focused at work. And, you spend an hour a day at yoga to relieve stress. Does this sound familiar? Between the pill popping and the workouts, it’s amazing you have time to do anything else. No wonder you are stressed out!

With today’s deal you can save yourself time and money, and get rid of all those pills and energy drinks with the purchase of Power Bands. Look at you, multitasking. Pay $9 for one negative-ion band ($34.95 value) or $14 for two negative-ion bands ($69.90 value) from Power Bands.

These negative-ion bands are made with the perfect mixture of Germanium, Tourmaline and Titanium. Simply wear the bands around your wrist and you will feel healthier, more balanced and energized. They are great for athletes struggling with minor aches and pains such as tennis elbow, back pain or soreness. In perfect health? Power Bands only make you better as they improve your immune system, focus, sleep quality, concentration and balance. So, clear out your calendar, your fridge and the old-man pill organizer. It’s time to make room for some Power Bands.”

Hope they work well!

Alicia :-)

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