Check Out this Bling Toothbrush! Get a Diamond Ultrasonic Toothbrush with Three Brush Heads, Charger, and Ultraviolet Sanitizer for $69 (Usually $219)…They Say the BRUSH Can Whiten Your Teeth!

What a cool deal on Living Social today especially if you need a new toothbrush and sanitizer! Click here and go to “East Valley deals” to check out the deal. I usually don’t get overly excited about toothbrushes, but this one has style (and it says it can whiten your teeth without chemicals)!

From Living Social:

“Our friends have taken to calling us “Old Yeller” — and not because we’re such a loyal pal. If your bite has been looking less than bright, sink your teeth into today’s deal for a Diamond Ultrasonic Toothbrush by Bling Dental Products for only $69 (regularly $219). This cutting-edge smile sanitizer offers three powerful brushing modes (Whitening, Gentle, and Massage) with a precision auto timer to let you know when to change brushing areas. Plus, each extended-life charger contains a UV sanitizing chamber, so you can feel confident that each stroke is 99.9% bacteria-free. And unlike your old bristles, this ergonomic brush produces 30,000 germ-busting strokes per minute. Lucky for you, this is one toothy tale with a happy ending.

Want more? Check out Bling Dental Products on Facebook.”

Definitely check out their website……this is the prettiest toothbrush I’ve seen (and I love the sanitizer, whitening, and 30,000 strokes/minute features too)!

Alicia :-)

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