Tell Kashi What Real Food Means to You for a $1 Off Coupon!

Click here and tell Kashi what real food means to you to get a $1 off coupon. I love saving on good for you food!

That was one thing that really struck me when I was watching Extreme Couponing on TLC tonight. People were saving a lot of money, but they were buying tons of junk food. I didn’t see them living life “better” for less. I can’t even imagine buying five carts worth of food or clearing shelves. Think about the storage!

We can all save money on our grocery bill with a tiny bit of effort, knowing what’s on sale, clipping coupons(no one should need more than one set), bringing along a Fresh and Easy coupon to Fry’s, printing coupons for items on your list, reading my blog ;-), etc. Doing these things is definitely not “extreme”, just smart!

Alicia :-)

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