Great Printable Target Coupons Plus a Free Reusable Bag Tomorrow!

Thanks so much to Alicia’s Deals in AZ reader Nadia for letting me know about the great new Target printable coupons available by clicking here. There are some high dollar coupons on things that are on your list anyways! One of my favorite things about Target coupons is that you can stack them with Manufacturer’s coupons (unless it prohibits that on either coupon). Click here to get to For example, there’s a $5 off Claritin coupon at Target and a $5 off Claritin coupon at Use them together and you’ll save $10! You can also do that with Cheerios and lots of other products. Isn’t saving fun?! If your checkout person looks at you like your crazy, show him or her the Target coupon policy (available here).

Don’t forget that tomorrow, April 17th, Target will be giving away 1,000,000 reusable bags throughout the country. Get there early, they ran out quickly last year.


Alicia :-)

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