Best Bashas Buys of the Week!

I have to admit I rediscovered the Cub House a few weeks ago and now I’m hooked. The Cub House is a wonderful, well-supervised play area where kids 2 1/2-10 can go for free while their parents shop. Trey and Kaitlyn have a blast playing checkers, drawing pictures, and seeing friends, and I get to shop in peace. Go to for more information or to find a Bashas with a Cub House near you!

My favorite deals this week:

Hass avocados: $.25

Tomatoes on the vine: $.99/lb.

T-bone or New York strip steak: $3.97/lb.

Pepsi 12-packs: $2.50

Wild large raw shrimp: $3.97/lb.

Whole beef tenderloin: $6.99/lb.

8-piece chicken (fried or baked): $3.99

Circle of Savings:

Buy 10 of the Following Products and Get $5 Off (Prices Reflect Discount)

Blue Bunny ice cream: $1.97

Tillamook cheese: $1.29

Lay’s potato chips: $1.79

Alicia :-)


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